This Bible Videos page features a selection of our most recent short videos on Bible subjects. Each video is designed to give an overview and a starting point for further exploring the subject.

One Bible, Many Churches.  Why?

How can it be that there is one Bible that Christians base their beliefs upon, yet there are so many different churches?  Why don’t they all teach the same?  Do the differences in teachings matter?  

The Bible anticipates that there would be big variations in teachings and the Bible states that these differences do matter.  This video gives a brief introduction to this important subject. For more information see this page.

Israel – Fulfilling Bible Prophecy

The Jews are the subject of more Bible prophecies than any other nation, simply because the Jews are God’s special people. Their entire history has been foretold including events which have taken place in the 20th century.

The existence of the people of Israel, the Jews, and the existence of the nation in its biblical land can be considered to be evidence for the reliability of the Bible.  For more information see our Israel page


Russia’s next move foretold in the Bible

Russia has exercised its increasing power over recent years.  It has annexed part of Gorgia, annexed Crimea, is in control of much of eastern Ukraine and is virtually in control of Syria.  What is Russia’s next move?  Bible prophecy has acurately predicted Russias moves to date and shows that Russia will conquer Israel.  For more information see our Russia’s next move page.

Paid Ministries – Should Churches have them?

Most Churches have Ministers or Pastors that are paid to do this role.  But in New Testament times this did not happen.  For example, all the apostles were not paid for their work.  Why not?  Because there is a great danger with being paid as a minister.  There is a big temptation to teach what the congregation want to hear rather than what the Bible teaches  This is a key factor in why so many Churches teach things that are contrary to what the Bible teaches. 


Britain leaving Europe might seem to be just a political event happening in the world today.  However Christadelphians have been expecting Brexit to happen for many years because Britain has to be separate from Europe in prophecies of latter day events leading to the return of Jesus Christ.  For more information see our Brexit page

Russia in Syria

What’s so significant about Russia’s presence in Syria?  Why should we care?  Because Russia being in Syria is the subject of an exciting endtime prophecy in Daniel Chapter 11.  This video gives a brief overview.  For more information see our Russia in Syria page

The Crucifixion of Christ and You

The crucifixion of Christ was an event that happened about 2000 years ago and yet it is an event which has a life changing impact on people even in the 21st Century.  Why is this the case?  For more information see our Crucifixion of Christ Page

Why was the birth of Jesus Christ so important?

At this time of the year many in the Western world celebrate Christmas.  Its a reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ some 2000 years ago.  His birth was a very significant event which changed the world.  Why is it so significant?  What does it mean for you and me?

The Kingdom of God and You

The Kingdom of God will be established on this earth when Jesus Christ returns to this earth.  This kingdom will cover the whole earth and every nation.  It will be a dramatic change to the world.  What will it be like?  How can you be a part of this amazing change?  

For more information see our Kingdom of God page

Armageddon and You

Armageddon is a term in the Bible for the final world war that destroys much of the population of the world, but is the precursor to the return of Jesus Christ and the peaceful and happy time of the Kingdom of God on earth. For more information see our Armageddon page