An amazing and majestic temple is to be built at Jerusalem when Jesus Christ returns to the earth.  The pictures are an artists impression of the temple.

The design and size of this temple is already known.  Full details are given in Ezekiel chapters 40 to 48.    The temple described here is not like the temples built in Bible times.

This is a huge building, built around Mt Zion. Mt Zion will be different then because of the massive earthquake that will change the form of the land around Jerusalem – see Zech 14:4-10

The outer building is 1.8km by 1.8km.  See Ezek 42:16-19  This gives the dimensions as 500 “reeds” by 500 “reeds”.  A reed is 3.6 metres long (see Ezek 40:5).

There is no mention of most of the furniture found in the Tabernacle and Temples in Israel in Bible times.  No mention of a Laver or Lampstand or Altar of Incense or Table of Shewbread or the Ark

There is however an altar of burnt offering and this is on top of Mt Zion and is quite large.  It is 12 Reeds by 12 Reeds, which is 43.2 metres by 43.2 metres.  See Ezek 43:12-17 (note the dimensions in v16 should be in Reeds not cubits)

The people of all nations of the world will come to this temple at least once every year (see Zech 14:16).  Hence the large dimensions of this building to handle vast numbers of people each day.

When people come to the temple, they must enter through either the gates on the north or the gates on the south.  Ezek 46:9.  However to get to these gates requires going through the rivers on either the south or north of the temple buildings.  Ezek 47:1-5

The Book “The Temple of Ezekiel’s Prophecy” by Henry Sulley gives a detailed explanation of the chapters in Ezekiel on this amazing temple to built when Jesus Christ returns.