Christadelphian Beliefs

Christadelphian beliefs revolve around the acceptance of the Bible as the word of God. Below are a few areas of belief we would like to highlight.

The Good News of the Kingdom of God

The Gospel or the Good News of the name of Jesus Christ and Kingdom of God revolves around the idea that the Lord Jesus will return to the earth upon which he will establish God’s Kingdom. The Kingdom will be a time in which peace and righteousness will be the governing laws and all the current nations will fall subject to the Lord.

The Incredible book the Bible

The Bible is a collection of books which was compiled over 1,600 years, by over 40 independent writers in three different languages. These are impressive credentials which add weight to the statement that the Bible records the words of God and in its pages we have the plan and purpose of God detailed.

The Enigma of the Jews and their role in God’s plan

The Jewish nation have over thousands of years suffered tremendous persecution. Regardless of what personal stance one takes on the current or historical ways of the Jewish people, one fact remains, they are and have been God’s chosen people throughout the ages and they form an integral part of the plan of God.

One Bible, why so many Churches?

Roman Catholic, Latter Day Saints, Church of England, Assemblies of God, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Baptists to name just a few, are all religious denominations promoting various views on God and His plan within their own changing organisations and frameworks. Christadelphians take a different approach. We are an independent community of Bible students sharing a common faith in the Gospel and in studying God’s word to determine precisely what God wants of us.

Who is God?

There are many views on who precisely God and His son are and what the role of God’s Holy Spirit is. Christadelphians believe that the Scriptural definition is one that is comprehensible and explainable. God is the Father who lives in heaven. The Lord Jesus Christ is God’s son who lived and died like we all do, but after three days God raised him from the dead and gave him immortality. The Holy spirit is the power by which God works.

If you would like to explore in detail our beliefs see our ‘statement of faith