Bible Reading Plan

Of all the Bible Study resources available this is the simplest and best.  This reading plan takes you through the whole Bible – the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice – in one year. Why is this the best study tool?  Because by reading the whole Bible, the whole teaching of the Bible becomes evident.  Often Bible verses can be quoted out of context to support various wrong teachings.  Familiarity with the whole Bible enables you to know the context of verses and thereby recognise quotes that are out of context.  See the Bible Reading Plan page

Bible Reading and Study Aids

There are many study aids that can help with an understanding of the Bible.  For example, a chart showing the Kings of Israel and Judah together with the contemporary prophets really helps when reading the Bible books of Kings and Chronicles.  See the Study aids page.

Useful Links

There are many Christadelphian websites that have much useful material.  Here are links to just some of those.
Remember when searching for the Truth to always refer to the Bible to validate what you see or hear no matter what the source is. (Acts 17:11)

Bible Courses  
Bible study information
The Christadelphian Magazine and Christadelphian books publishing
Christadelphian Scripture Study Service – publisher of many Christadelphian books and Bible Study books
Christadelphian Video – YouTube channel with hundreds of Bible Study videos ChristadelphianVideo
Bible Truth and Prophecy – large depository of material on the Bible and Bible prophecy
Christadelphian Books – a large repository of many Christadelphian books
Testimony Magazine – a Bible study magazine that has been running for about 90 years.
Bible Magazine –  current events and Bible prophecy magazine