Bible Reading Plan

Reading through the whole Bible is the best way to be familiar with the teaching of the Bible and to understand God’s purpose with men and women on this earth.  Robert Roberts created a Daily Bible Reading plan (see below) which has benefitted Christadelphians for over 100 years.  Robert Roberts wrote the following to introduce this daily Bible reading plan:

SALVATION depends upon the assimilation of the mind to the divine ideas, principles, and affections, exhibited in the Scriptures. This process commences with a belief of the Gospel, but it is by no means completed thereby; it takes a lifetime for its scope, and untiring diligence for its accomplishment. The mind is naturally alien from God and all His ideas (Romans 8:7; 1 Corinthians 2:14), and cannot be brought at once to the divine likeness. This is a work of slow development, and can only be achieved by the industrious application of the individual to the expression of God’s mind in the Scriptures of truth. The infallible advice then to every man and woman anxious about their salvation is—READ THE SCRIPTURES DAILY. It is only in proportion as this is done, that success may be looked for. The man who sows sparingly in this respect, will only reap sparingly. Much spiritual fructification is only to be realised in connection with fructifying influences of the Spirit in the Word. To enable Bible readers conveniently to carry out the suggestion of the foregoing remarks, the following tables are placed in their hands, under the guidance of which their daily readings will be methodical and edifying. By strict adherence to this plan from year to year, the reader will reap much profit, gradually losing the insipidity of the natural mind, and taking on the warm and exalted tone of the Spirit’s teaching, which qualifies for the inheritance of the Saints in light. 



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