You are invited to join us for a free Bible Presentation on the topic:

God’s Promises give Hope for a Hopeless World

Date: 2pm, Sunday 10 September (God Willing)

Place: Mary Field Hall, Pettit Drive, Sale (near Sale Railway Station)


Our world today sits on a ledge of uncertainty from which, it would seem, we could topple into oblivion:

    • Uncertainty in tense international relations;
    • Uncertainty in global finances due to ballooning public debt and inflation affecting all nations on earth;
    • Uncertainty in the basic family fabric of society, with domestic violence at an all time high;
    • Uncertainly in the continuance of life on earth at all, with some scientists saying the impact of our lifestyle on eco systems has already crossed a critical point of no return.

Yet, the Bible claims that over 3500 years ago God promised a time of joy and happiness for all people when he fills the earth with His glory.

Our world today seems the very opposite. Full of suffering, violence, conflict, family disintegration, human life on earth seems to face a very shaky future, or perhaps no future at all. 

    • So can the Bible’s promise be trusted?
    • If there is a God in charge, why all this trouble and suffering?
    • What is God’s plan?
    • What does it mean when it claims the earth will be filled with God’s glory?
    • What does this have to do with us living in 2023 in Gippsland?

We look forward to exploring these vital questions with you.

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