You are invited to these free Bible presentations on Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 September (God willing) at the Pakenham Library Hall (Supper Room) Cnr John & Henry Streets, Pakenham. 

The world is about to change dramatically. Jesus Christ is about to return to the earth and rule as King of the World.

How do we know this will happen? World events are happening as predicted in Bible Prophecies about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

These presentations will outline some of the Bible Prophecies being fulfilled which show Jesus Christ will soon return.  These prophecies also show how you can have eternal life and eternal happiness when Jesus Christ returns.

Saturday 15th

2:00pm – Israel — Proof of Prophecy

The course of the history of Israel from 3,000 years ago to now was all predicted in the Bible long before it happened. The events now happening in Israel are also predicted in the Bible and are linked to the soon return of Jesus Christ to the earth. If Bible Prophecy has correctly predicted 3,000 years of history, why will it not be right now?   More information

3:30pm – Russia and Iran in Syria

In the 11th Chapter of the Prophecy of Daniel, 2500 years of the history of the territory of Syria and Iraq has been accurately prophesied. This prophecy then shows that Russia will take control of Syria and then invade Israel. When this happens Jesus Christ will return. Come and hear what this amazing prophecy means for You.  More information


Sunday 16th 

2:00pm –  Britain out of Europe

In the 38th Chapter of Ezekiel it shows that Israel would be re-established prior to being invaded by Russia. It also shows that Britain would have to be separate from Europe. Brexit is a fulfilment of part of this prophecy. Come and hear how this amazing prophecy also predicts the return of Jesus Christ to be king of the World.  More information