A range of different Bible Seminars are run by Christadelphians from time to time and are free of charge.  These seminars are run by Christadelphians that have a detailed understanding of the Bible and its teachings and hence are able to not only deliver the Seminar course material but are able to provide detailed additional information.  They are also skilled in leading interactive discussion so that all who attend seminars have the opportunity to raise questions or make comments and for there to be discussion of whatever topics or issues are raised.

All bible seminars are conducted on the basis that:

  • There is no cost to attendees
  • There is no commitment required from attendees – you can stop anytime you wish
  • Contact information provided at registration is not provided to any other parties

Some of the topic areas covered in Bible Seminars are:

  • Bible Prophecy – How God through the Bible has predicted a vast number of world events before they came to pass
  • Understanding the Bible – The Bible is not an easy book to understand, yet there are some keys to unlocking its meaning, that once you have these, Bible reading is much easier
  • Bible doctrines or teachings – a consideration of what are the doctrines or teachings that God requires us to believe if we are to have eternal life

There are a range of online courses available at