The Learn to Read the Bible Effectively seminar is a Free Seminar series which is run from time to time at Mt Waverley Christadelphians, 354-358  Waverley Rd, Mt Waverley.   If you would like to know  when next this course will be run email us at  Similar courses are available online at 

The Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Seminar is comprised of 6 concise and informative sessions that are delivered in a friendly and relaxed environment. So, whether you’re familiar with the Bible or new to reading it, we give you the information, tools and confidence to read it more effectively for yourself and to unlock the pages of the Bible for yourself.

Some of what you will learn …

  • Who wrote the Bible and when
  • Why there are four gospels
  • The difference between the Old & New Testaments and why there are two
  • How to find connected passages using cross-references
  • How so many different interpretations of the Bible developed
  • How to read it carefully (eg. Adam & Eve didn’t eat an apple!)
  • The differences between the Bible versions, to help you choose which to use and when
  • How we got the Bible we have today
  • Techniques for planning your own reading
  • How to read Bible verses in context to get their meaning
  • How to find passages quickly
  • What study resources can help you better understand the Bible for yourself
  • Who the Jews are and why they are so important in the Bible
  • How the books of the Bible are ordered and where they come in history
  • How to tackle difficult words in the Bible using other verses, versions and books

Seven Reasons why you should attend

  • Effective. You will get more from your study with the tips, tools and techniques we share with you.
  • Relaxed. Learn in a relaxed and informal environment.
  • Enjoyable. Our sessions will give you the knowledge and confidence to keep reading at an enjoyable pace.
  • Free Bible. You’ll receive comprehensive hand-outs and a free Bible. Feel free to bring your own Bible if you have one.
  • No Charge! You will never be asked for money to run the sessions or for materials or anything else!
  • Never Embarrassed. Don’t be worried about finding passages or asking questions. We are interested in helping you learn.
  • No Obligation. You can leave at anytime. The Bible and notes are yours to take and use as you wish.

Questions others have asked

Q. What if everyone knows more than I do?
A. Lucky you, a room full of people to learn from! But seriously, everyone is there to learn and we assume no knowledge of the Bible.
Q. Who is paying for the seminars and why?
A. The Seminars are funded by the Christadelphians who think it is important that everyone has the opportunity to learn about the Bible for themselves.
Q. Will I be put under pressure to become a Christian?
A. No. We help you read and understand the Bible and then you decide what to do with that knowledge.

Our Commitment to you …

  • You will never be asked for money
  • There is no obligation—you can leave at anytime
  • You will not be put under pressure to be a Christian