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No one will go to heaven when they die

12/05/2019 @ 7:00 pm

It is commonly believed that everyone has an immortal soul that dwells in your body while you are alive.  This soul is presented as being the real you, a spirit being without a body that has all your thoughts and being within it.

It is also commonly believed that when you die your soul departs your body and goes either to heaven, if they have been “good”, or to hell if you have been “bad”.  The souls  that go to heaven live in happiness for ever and the souls that go to hell are tormented for ever.

So where does this teaching about souls and going to heaven come from?  In this Bible talk we will look at what the Bible says about souls and going to heaven.  This talk will cover subjects such as, that the words “immortal soul” never occurs in the Bible.  There is no promise in the Bible of going to heaven either.

So the Bible does not support a belief in souls or going to heaven!!

This talk will show what the Bible really teaches about life after death and how you can live for ever in happiness.

You are most  welcome to attend.  There is no cost.


7:00 pm


Mt Waverley Christadelphians
354-358 Waverley Rd
Mt Waverley,
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